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Alcohol and Erectile Dysfunction

The problem of erectile dysfunction is real. It affects a great number of men. Men, however, are more likely to skip this discussion since they are not comfortable in talking about their inadequacies in bed. But men should be able to overcome this psychological dilemma and open up their problems with having an erection so that a good treatment can be suggested for them.

What is erectile dysfunction? Generally speaking it is the inability of men to attain and maintain an adequate erection during sexual intercourse. It is also referred to as impotence, although the latter is a more general term that also refers to the lack of sexual desire and problems in having an orgasm or erection.

One of the main reasons behind erectile dysfunction is alcohol. Between the two sexes, men are more inclined to drinking alcohol. Unfortunately for men who love to drink, alcohol can have an effect on their erection. While there are studies suggesting that a good amount of alcohol in the body is good in promoting general wealth, too much alcohol however can cause erectile dysfunction.

Let’s look at how men are able to get an erection, and the possible effects of alcohol on it.

The brain stimulates through touch and sensory perception, directing the muscles inside the penis to rest, and in effect enhancing the flow of blood to the penis. Such pressure exerted by the blood causes the penis to expand, creating an erection in the process. Maintaining an erection is dependent on the capability of the muscles to hold on to the blood for a particular amount of time.

The erection of the penis thus is dependent on the flow of the blood. This is the reason for conditions such as diabetes. It also causes increased blood pressure. The alcohol increases the blood volume, and then causes higher blood pressure. This state is kept until excess liquid has been taken out of the blood through urination.

Basing on the effects of alcohol on the penis, it can be said that on theory, alcohol consumption must help in erection and not erectile dysfunction. Likewise, alcohol serves as a sedative, helping curb any anxiety related to sexual performance.

However, there is no substantial study that supports claims that intoxication supports erection and not erectile dysfunction. Thus men should not drink too much alcohol if they do not want to suffer from erectile dysfunction.

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