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Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

There is an estimated 20 million individuals in the US that are affected by diabetes. Additionally, there is another 2 million that are affected by the same disease in Canada. Indeed, diabetes affects a lot of people around the world. Diabetes has two types, with about 90 percent of those inflected having type 2 diabetes. This type of disease can result to various health problems like kidney disease, heart disease, eye problems, diabetes impotence, and nerve damage. It should be noted that diabetes impotence afflicts up to 80 percent of males with diabetes.

Also referred to as diabetic erectile dysfunction, diabetes impotence can lead to many sexual and emotional issues. Diabetes can result to various health concerns such as vascular and nerve damage which causes unhealthy flow of the blood and weakened blood vessels. Diabetes can also result to unsteady levels in blood sugar, nervousness, stress, and anxiety. But perhaps the most dreaded effect of this disease, particularly on men, is that it can cause lack of erection. This is a damaging physical and psychological effect, which most men refuse to talk about.

So how do men fight diabetes impotence?

Men should stick with the basics of good health. They should have a good and balanced diet. They should also have proper and regular exercise, as well as enough sleep of 6 to 8 hours daily. These healthy practices can help men gain significant headway in their fight against diabetes impotence. These practices can also help men in dealing with physical issues such as damages to the nerves and vascular system, weakening of the blood vessels which are considered the damaging effects of diabetes impotence.

Men should also follow a rigorous diabetic diet. This is very important. They should also have a healthy diet followed by enough exercise. Sleep should be regular and continuous. Thus men should be able to sleep for 6 to 8 hours without interruption. Exercise also does not mean having to go on a marathon daily. Men should stay active. Brisk walking is one good option for exercise. Men can also try to climb up stairs instead of using the elevator. The point is that men should have enough physical exertion in their lives.

It is extremely important for men to be informed on the various treatment options on diabetes impotence. Consult your physician so that you will be informed on the dangers of diabetes impotence.

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