UncategorizedThe Benefits of Erectile Dysfunction Pumps

The Benefits of Erectile Dysfunction Pumps

Erectile Dysfunction Pumps

Those suffering from erectile dysfunction should take joy in the fact that there are now plenty of medications to help them in getting and maintaining an erection. Some of the more popular medications for erectile dysfunction are Cialis and Viagra.

Indeed, medical science has liberated a lot of individuals who are suffering from erectile dysfunction, helping them to maintain loving, healthy, and intimate relationships.

But while these medications can help individuals in treating their erectile dysfunction, they can also have negative effects on the users. Also, not all medications are proven to be effective in most cases.

Some of the symptoms related to the use of erectile dysfunction medications are nausea, headaches, muscle pain, and blurred vision. Recently, there have been reports that erectile dysfunction medications can also lead to hearing loss.

Men thus are more cautious in using these erectile dysfunction medications that they are now looking for more natural medications to help them in getting and maintaining an erection.

One of the widely used and highly recommended medications for erectile dysfunction is the use of a vacuum pump.
While this is not exactly a new medication, this vacuum pump, also called as penis pump, has been through various structural improvements in the past couple of years, while remaining one of the most effective and favored treatment options.

Using a vacuum pump has certain advantages. For one, it is safer. Since it has been noted for being a safe method of medication, the US FDA has removed it from its list of prescription drugs, allowing it to be sold over the counter.

These pumps are also proven to be more successful. It is said to have a success rate of more than 90%. This is significant since even the most popular medications are only in the 60 to 70 percent range. Partners are also satisfied with these pumps, ranking a 85%.
Perhaps one of the best benefits of using a vacuum pump is its flexibility. It can be tapped to complement other therapies. Other medications like Cialis and Viagra give only partial success in strengthening and widening the penis. Thus those who use vacuum pump can also use the said drugs, enjoying the maximum benefit.

Erectile dysfunction vacuum pumps are also considered non-invasive, meaning it stays outside the body, resulting to lesser side effects.

Vacuum pumps can also build self confidence, and are considered good enough for almost everyone.

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