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Hypertension and Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is commonly linked to various medical conditions and lifestyle habits that hamper the ability of the blow to flow smoothly to and from the penile tissues.

One of the causes of erectile dysfunction is high blood pressure of hypertension. It has no real symptoms. Hypertension is considered a silent killer since most patients afflicted with it do not know that they have the said condition. But hypertension is a major medical concern which if left untreated, can result to erectile dysfunction and other medical problems like stroke and heart disease.

Hypertension and erectile dysfunction are linked with each other. First, high blood pressure impedes the proper flow of the blood to and from the penis. Hypertension likewise allows the male sexual organ lose its ability to relax. When this happens, there is not enough blood flowing to the penis.

Those who are suffering from hypertension usually have low levels of testosterone, the male hormone which is critical in men having a healthy sex life.

There are also medications for hypertension that are directly linked to causing erectile dysfunction. Some of these medications are diuretic, also known as water pills as well as beta-blockers.

By decreasing the ability of the blood to flow through and from the penile tissues, diuretics can cause erectile dysfunction. Also, beta-blockers reduce the nerve impulses which are responsible for the hardening of the penis. These drugs also make it hard for penis arteries to extend, making it hard for blood to flow through it.

The good news is that there are medical treatment for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Men who are having a hard time in gaining an erection should however consult a doctor first in case they thing that the medications they are taking are causing them to have erectile dysfunction.

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction should also lower their hypertension by being more cautious of the food they eat. They should likewise exercise regularly, or change their blood pressure medications altogether.

Since beta-blocker and diuretics medications are known to cause erectile dysfunction among men, it might do you good if your physician prescribes a combination of medications for blood pressure to lessen the risks of erectile dysfunction, resulting to better and more sustained erection.

You should also check your blood pressure regularly and incorporate lifestyle and medication changes so that you can lessen risks of erectile dysfunction.

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