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Medications for Erectile Dysfunction

Medications for Erectile Dysfunction

While most men fear discussing erectile dysfunctions for reasons that they are embarrassed to admit that they are having difficulties with their sexual organ, men should realize that there are medications to help them having
rock-like erections.

Medications for erectile dysfunction are either natural or prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are drugs like Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra while natural drugs use 100% natural ingredients in solving erection problems.

Perhaps the most popular of these medications is Viagra. It made headlines since it is the first ever doctor-prescribed cure for erectile dysfunction. Before Viagra came, there were injections prescribed to help men solve their erection problems. After Viagra went commercially available, Cialis followed suit, and then Levitra. All of these are prescription ED drugs that may be effective in solving erection problems of men, but however have great risks of side effects.

There is a small percentage of men, however, who make use of safe and natural ED treatments. These natural medications are popular since they are considered safe, and they do not bring in serious side effects that can hamper the health of the user.

There are natural ED treatments that can be taken daily, like a multi-vitamin supplement. The effect of this treatment will not be felt until a sufficient period of time, perhaps a week or two after the first use. After the said incubation period, the user will experience a fully functioning sexual organ anytime he wishes to, without having to take ED meds. The solution is thus systemic, and a previously impotent man is charged up with an erection.

There are also natural impotence pills which have an immediate effect. After taking the said medication, men can experience an erection within minutes- as immediate as 15 minutes. The user can also maintain the erection for a significant number of times. Under this category are two types – long lasting erection pill as well as short duration impotence solutions. Long lasting erection pills include the ProCalisX which effectively answers the need for erection for up to 3 days, allowing men to enjoy multiple erection as well as many climaxes. Short duration pills on the other hand include ProVigrax which can result to a 4 hour effectiveness.

If men want to have erection immediately, then go for ProVigrax or similar treatments. If men want to be more patient with their state, then taking a systemic medication is more recommended.

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